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To see ticket sales and event attendees:

Go to:

Change your password after you login, if you would. Thanks.

This is your dashboard. It’s what you’ll see when you log in. I’ve highlighted the link at the top left so you recognize it when you want to get back to it. In this view it’s just an icon. You’ll most likely see this icon and the word Dashboard:

Select ALL-ACCESS PASS or PATRON PASS to see all the corresponding orders and attendees:

Select the PayPal Orders tab or the Attendees tab:

Orders and attendees will match when events require a ticket purchase.

Events that do not require a ticket purchase will not have any PayPal orders, only attendees. However, the page will open to the PayPal Orders tab, which be empty. You might panic for a second. Click the Attendees tab. All is well.

On the PayPal Orders tab, total ticket sales and orders appear at the top right:

You can, if you want, select an individual Order to see that order in PayPal:

On the Attendees tab there’s a field for the number of attendees you’ve checked in:

This feature can be used to track attendance in real time and also record the names of those who attended, not just those who purchased tickets or responded yes to an RSVP. The check-in tools are on the individual event page.

We probably don’t need this feature this year, but it could come in handy in the future.

Back at your dashboard:

Select All Ticketed Events:

I names the two passes so that they always appear at the top of the list, but you can scroll down to see the others. You can also search events and sort by column headers:

The Attendees column displays the number of attendees and the percent of available tickets that have been sold for each event. If no ticket limit has been set for an event, Unlimited appears:

Most events have a limited number of tickets available, and so the sold percentage of that total appears:

Some events appear twice:

This is not a mistake. Both events represent the same film, but one of the two events is discounted. For the discounted events you’ll see Discounted in the Event Categories column.

Note: It will be important to remember that discounted tickets are associated with the discounted version of the event only. To determine the total number of people attending a film, count the attendees of both events.

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